Menu for Jay's Artisanal Bakery

Front side of tri-fold menu.

Back side of tri-fold menu.

I created branding and a tri-fold brochure menu for Jay’s Artisanal Bakery. The intention of this menu is to show off the selection of goods to customers while emulating the company’s branding. Some of the content, including roughly half of the products and the company logo were developed at an earlier point before this menu using InDesign and Illustrator respectively. The client primarily wanted a feminine and vintage aesthetic for their brand, and we settled on the logo on the front panel along with the color palette and fonts used. For this menu specifcally, I used Photoshop to properly cut certain goods out of images to place into the menu and place around the text to create a more-uniform look. In addition, my client did not want prices or descriptions on their version of the menu; but for the purpose of this personal project, I chose to add both to show how it would appear.
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