Magazine cover for the Kimbell Museum Store

Finished magazine cover for The Kimbell Museum Store.

I designed this magazine cover for The Kimbell Museum Store and was randomly assigned five artists of which to redraw their art and create mockup merchandise to put such artworks on. The artists I had been assigned were: Paul Klee, Chris Ofili, Alejandro Otero, Paul Gaughin, and Camille Hillaire.
My initial focus when designing the cover is figuring out how the best fill the space without making it overwhelming to look at. I first chose the kinds of merchandise and then decided which artist’s work goes best with such merch. I then illustrated blank versions of the piece of merch to solidify a layout for the text. I then drew all five pieces of artwork flat using references, and I later warped it to fit with the merchandise. I found a font similar enough to the Kimbell Museum logo to use for the text near the bottom. Since all of the merchandise is colorful, I kept the background minimal, but added gradients to create the illusion of a physical space for the items.
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