Educational Poster about Mount Agung

Final version of the Mount Agung educational poster

I had been assigned a volcano at random from a selection of other volcanoes and was tasked to create a poster that contains a timeline, at least 10 facts outside of the timeline, an illustration of the Ring of Fire, at least one photo, an illustration of each kind of volcano and eruption, and a logo that was provided to me.
I was assigned Mount Agung, but I had to do all the research on the volcano in order to have enough information to fill the space and timeline. My main inspiration for the look of both versions of the poster were older, worn maps to make viewers feel as though they’re reading a map and exploring Mount Agung. To create the illustrations, I used Illustrator along with references found online for accuracy. Although the initial poster does meet these requirements, there is too much information and too little space on the poster to read it comfortably. For the final version, I redid the layout in InDesign, only used one photo, changed the layout of the volcano diagrams, and lightened the background so that the text stands out better.

Initial version of the Mount Agung educational poster

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