I was assigned the phrase, “True friends don’t judge each other. They judge other people together”, and was asked to develop a font and create a poster using that phrase for both large and small print. My first iteration of this project took inspiration from the chaotic nature of ransom note, but making it more attractive with a cohesive color palette. I first sketched the design to ensure each letter complemented one another and recreated it in Illustrator. Although the client did enjoy that end result, I did like the simplicity and charm of one specific letter, the first “r” in “True”. I took that r and created a second typeface based on it and made a second poster that’s overall cleaner, but still has the same color palette and makes use of patterns within the letters themselves. I found that some may like the first version more and that others like the second version more, so it would ultimately rest on which format and size it would be printed to decide which of the two designs works best.
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